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April 30, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 30

We've reached the end of our 30 home ideas for 30 days. Imagine looking back on the last month and everything you've experienced. For Day 30 let's make a time capsule!

Day 30 time capsule

Pull together items that represent memories of the last 30 days. Pictures, a rock you painted, the only limit is the size of your capsule.


Journal about how you've felt or write a letter to yourself.


Include magazine or newspaper articles, or printouts of online stories.


Place all of your items in a box, and put in a safe place to open in a decade. 10 years from now we hope you are happy, healthy and ready to reflect on this unprecedented time!

April 29, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 29

So many of us have been juggling working from home, home schooling and day to day household activities.  The idea for Day 29 may help you run your house more efficiently: install Smart things!

Day 29 smart things

Your house doesn't need to be newer construction to install devices that make your life easier. You can easily install a video doorbell, garage door opener, or wifi sprinkler system that you can program and run from your phone or tablet.


You can install wifi enabled light switches and program lights to come on at certain times of day or when the garage door goes up. There are even Wifi enabled appliances so you can monitor if the range is still on or preheat the oven before you get home.


If you have a smart hub, you can control the smart features in your house with your voice.


There are so many possibilities that you can customize to make life easier!

April 28, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 28

In today's uncertain times it is important to consider the idea of Day 28: Estate planning.

Estate planning

Now may be a good time to consult with an attorney, insurance agent, and/or financial planner to discuss your future goals.


There are many options for handling your assets, whether that is real estate, autos, or 401K's.


If you already have a will, trust, or life insurance in place, put together a binder or file and let your family know where those documents are. 


That way, in a time of need, your family isn't scrambling to find all of those important documents and you'll have peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

April 27, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 27

Want to add illumination to spaces in your home?  Day 27: install LED lights!

Day 27 LED light

You can use strip LED's or rope lights to add color and soothing light anywhere in the house.

Rope light

Highlight the coffee bar or entertainment area:

Coffee bar

Use it as a nightlight in a bedroom or bathroom!


Adding lights with color and motion is a favorite with the kiddos too!

April 26, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 26

Today's idea was going to be something totally different...and honestly, kind of we're switching it up to something else last minute: Day 26 Bar-B-Que!

Day 26 BBQ

The lawn is mowed, there's no sports on TV, so let's all go outside and enjoy the day!


FaceTime or Zoom with friends and family and compare what you're having on the grill.  We've opted for traditional fare, a little comfort food and we'll pretend we're at the ballpark.  Enjoy!

April 25, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 25

We have a whimsical idea for Day 25: Sharpie art!

Sharpie Art

Dollar store dishes make for an inexpensive project. Grab your favorite Sharpie colors and let your designs come to life!  

Sharpie mug

You can use stencils for letters and numbers and then design around that.


Or you can use stickers as stencils to create shapes to fill in or color around.


You can decorate a coffee mug, plate or figurine and keep it for yourself or give it as a gift!  Kiddos will have a lot of fun with this project too!

April 24, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 24

May Day is next week and the weather forecast says it could hit 80 degrees, so it's time for Day 24: set the sprinklers!

Day 24 set sprinkler

After you repressurize the sprinkler system, test each zone and make any repairs or adjustments needed.

Sprinkler 1

Because of Denver's arid climate, most cities and water providers have watering restrictions so make sure you program your timer accordingly.  

Sprinkler 2

If you don't have a sprinkler system, you can set up a manual sprinkler and be ready for those warmer days next week.

Spinkler 3

Your lawn will be green and lush in no time!

April 23, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 23

Day 23 reminds us that summer is right around the corner: it's a picnic!  It's YOUR picnic so set up wherever you want, the front yard, the backyard or your family room.  

Day 23 picnic

Grab a blanket and get ready to enjoy your favorite meal picnic style.  Who says you can't have breakfast out of a basket?


Put together sandwhiches, your favorite chips and fruit and take your lunch break the right way!


Or grill hamburgers and hot dogs like it's the 4th of July!


Whatever the meal, wherever it's at, enjoy mixing up the routine and smile while you picture 80 degree days that are coming soon!

April 22, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 22

Day 22 is so much fun: Stage a room! You'll be amazed at how different your home will look without spending any money and moving around items you already have!


Day 22

The first step in staging any room is to declutter.  Remove distracting items like magazines, too many books, collections of items (especially small ones) and leave yourself with the basics.


Now you can move the furniture around.  Make sure you keep in mind traffic flow in the room in addition to purpose.  Sometimes just removing extra furniture from a room opens up the space and flow. 


After the furniture is in place, you can add your wall art and decor items. Evaluate what you have on hand and decide if the colors are congruent.  Is your highlight color teal?  Look around the house and grab any other pieces you have that are in that color scheme.  That teal candle holder in the dining room may be repurposed in the family room!

FR 2

Remember, less is more, so don't worry about filling up all of the wall space or having trinkets all along the mantle or dresser.  


Think about hanging that wall art or mirror horizontally instead of vertically. When you're done, your room will feel like a whole new space!


April 21, 2020

30 home ideas for 30 days : Day 21

Day 21 can be useful in so many different ways: create a music playlist!

Day 21 Music playlist

Does anyone else remember making mix tapes when you were a kid?  This is the same idea, but so much easier with today's technology. 


You have unlimited possibilities! Create a playlist for running, walking or exercise.


Put together a list of your favorite songs and shoot your own version of carpool karaoke!

car karaoke

Or find a few minutes of peace with soothing music that speaks to you.


You can discover new music or have your music memories at your fingertips!